In partnership with United and Strong (Saint Lucia), SASOD: Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (Guyana), J-FLAG (Jamaica) and UniBAM: United Belize Advocacy Movement (Belize), Envisioning is conducting research and documentation in Saint Lucia, Guyana, Jamaica and Belize on the lives and experiences of LGBT people, human rights violations affecting LGBT people, and the work of human rights defenders and LGBT organizations working to advance LGBT rights. In each of these countries the Penal Code criminalizes same-sex conduct, and work is being done to challenge criminalization and advance LGBT human rights.

For more information on the work Envisioning partners in the Caribbean, see the Caribbean Research Team partners' websites. The links can be found in the "Research Team" tab on the Home Page.

The Caribbean Research Team in Emancipation Park, Kingston, Jamaica


2013, 12 min, Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) and Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights

On September 6, 2013, the Constitutional Court delivered a ruling on SASOD's challenge to the law banning cross-dressing. This video looks at the ruling, and the impact of the law, through the eyes of Sade Richardson, transgender fashion designer. "I never look in the mirror one day and say 'oh, I'm a man' or 'I'm a woman'. I look in the mirror and see somebody I love - I see me!"

2013, 11 min, Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD) and Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights  

"I'm 43 years old, and if I have been silenced for so long... there are so many other persons like myself who are probably being silenced as well. Selina tells the story of getting a job working with gay people at hotspots, cross-dressing in order to bond with them, and experiencing a vicious and near-fatal attack. Selina has left Guyana.


2014, 12:38 min, J-FLAG and Envisioning Global LGBT Human Rights  

Forced to quit school, fired from a job, outed in the newspaper and chased in the street, Kandi says, "That's how we experience the major part of being gay, persons running you down to kill you." Kandi believes that the only option is to leave home and seek asylum. "I want to try to leave Jamaica... I am me, this is who I am, let me live, let me be myself."